Friday, January 16, 2009

LOL You have got to be kidding me......

So as I was flipping thorugh Yahoo news today I came across another wackpot Animal rights theory. This is from the Amimal Lovers of America a group that has broken off from PETA as they feel PETA isn't active enough. Their newest one is we are cruel to our pets because we do not let them decide when and where they will breed. I mean people have free choice so shouldn't animals is their theory. This from the same people who are euthanizing animals and saying we should not have any as "pets", that they should all be allowed to revert back to their wild status???? WTH??
I orginally thought this was from PETA but when I went back to check the article they had posted a correction.

I can just imagine this in my barn NOT!!! My girls get to see a male no more than twice a year (preferably once), they are allowed to raise their litter safely and securely away from other distractions and threats, THEY decide which ones of the litter stay or go (nature must take its course) and are put down humanely should they have a genetic or other problem that will not allow then to live a helathy natural life.

They are working animals they are not people, the only animals that are accorded "human staus" in this household are Java -(though I really worry about her sometimes she's such a wimp) and of course the two cats who I'm sure are plotting to overthrow me and rule the household -oh wait they already do...... I mean how hard of a life is it sleep all day on the couch, curl up in the bed at night with two people who are careful to leave them space, fed on demand and toys as needed.

I love my animals but they are animals they are not people, I love them, care for them and protect them but do not allow them to run free, breed whenever they feel like it and do not give them a vote? Does this still make me a bad person??


Maggie's Farm said...

Wait a minute, wait a minute!! Are you sure this PETA news is correct? I just got my PETA magazine (yes, I am a card-carrying member) and I didn't see anything about what you wrote about. Sometimes I think PETA gets some bad press because of crackpot rumors. PETA advocates spaying and neutering, not breeding at will.

Cornerstone Fibres said...

You were right it was a misquote the person was formally with PETA but has now formed the Animal Lovers of America group.

Tammy W. said...

Too Funny Kim - some of these animal
rights freaks are just that - freaks and wierdos. Could you imagine if I let all my sheep breed at will? I'm currently dealing with a neighbour who doesn't believe in "fixing" his cats (4 of them are living in my garage).