Saturday, April 04, 2009

Todays fun activity -Sheep Delivery

A good friend of mine Jane needed a new home for her Icelandic ewe *Kaci* and my sister in law Cheryl agreed to take her so today Daryl and i were sheep wranglers. Well actually Daryl was -he`s so darn good at these things :) Taking one look at her her said `no problems she has handles` and grabbed her by the back end and a horn and off he went with her into the dog crate easy as pie. Kaci on the other hand is now terrified of the sight of him -she KNOWS he`s the boss.

Kaci is now settling in with Cheryls other five ewes and Norton the ram is excited at the new thought of another girl in his harem.

the back of my van has been cleaned out and we are now ready to resume our natural rabbit hauling lives LOL.

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