Sunday, April 05, 2009

Overdyeing over brown and Grey

Love it love it love it!!! My dyewizard has been very busy producing more of his one of a kind roving for his mom to drool over :)
Here it is drying on the rack. Can you tell he loves his colours.

And speaking of colours check out the beauty of this natural shetland roving - I had decided to blend the light and dark shetland together against the wishes of the mill owner who thought it would look "crappy" but am I ever glad I went with my first thought -I love this natural tweedy effect -I'm going to spin up 4 ounces right away to be made in to socks for Peggy -everybody needs a Peggy but you cannot have mine!!!
She is my barn manager, friend, confidant and surrogate mother :) She however own't let me take a picture of her to put on the blog LOL.


Maggie's Farm said...

I adore overdyeing colored fleeces. It makes for such a lovely, muted tone and gorgeous yarn!

Val said...

Lovely colors, Good Job!