Monday, April 27, 2009

Sooo ready to go away :)

Okay so today was a PA day from school. Oh boy. 2 kids, a three day weekend, three cats fighting for dominance (fortunately its hissing and posturing) and a hyperactive dog with an agenda of her own. Toss in some hydro men who CANNOT read a DO NOT OPEN GATE sign and let the games begin. After some harsh words on their part and some on mine I mean I have TOLD them 50 times please let me know when you are coming and I'll put the dogs inside we're good for the day. Nope. Went out to the barn to feed and water and found a 4 month old French angora doe limp in her cage. Drove her out to Peggy for a necropsy -she had ruptured a valve in her heart causing her lungs to fill up with blood. Darn shame too she was very very nice. Back to the house to find out Jared had invited his "harem" to visit - 5 girls + Jared AUGHHHHHHHHH. Nice girls but all the giggling can drive one nuts. Feeding time of the crew later and look its time for laundry and dishes. I'm so looking forward to going to Maryland. Good friends, lots of gorgeous fibre and no kids LOL. Course I'll drive Maggie and Carol nuts talking about them and missing them like crazy. And Daryl too - I'm glad it'll be so busy ;) Apparently I thrive on Chaos LOL.


Maggie's Farm said...

I'll try not to roll my eyes when you whine and cry about missing your kids. I have a feeling you will be too busy having fun.

andrea said...

have a blast!