Saturday, April 25, 2009

Gift Bags anyone???

I love these little bags -we've done fibre grab bags, angora yarn scarves and more in them :) With mothers day coming up they are just begging to be filled for you favorite mom! Best off all they are very easy to make and look great. And hey we all deserve to buy ourselves something nice once in a while - I plan to at Maryland!

On the rabbit front Sassy our broken tort satin angora had her first litter -she tried to eat one of the two babies -he has no ears so we call him "Stubs". We are currently breeding four litters for fall -two satin and two french.

In the house the cats are down to hissing at each other while Java learned the hard way that cats have claws and know how to use them. She's very wary around Nemesis now but they are getting better. Neme (as I call him) has quickly decided that this is the good life. The kids left the back door open last night and there he was sitting at the door looking out as if to say "nope not going out there -been there done that" -bed and food much nicer here.

Life is so good -its warm and sunny today so that means planting pansies :)

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