Friday, April 24, 2009

Do you believe in Fate??

Or in angels who come on four feet instead of two? We do. Last night the universe sent us a new family member. Meet Nemesis (grin) Poor little guy is 8 months old, weighs just over 4lbs and is sooo very friendly! Unless you happen to be Java who is delightly terrifed of him. The kids found him last night trying to get into our garbage can. They came in the house and got Daryl. We spent two hours canvasing the neighbourhood to see if anybody knew him. We also got the vet to check for tattoo number or microchip. Nada nobody says they have seen him before. He got a pass from the vet today -got his first shots, dewormed and earmite treated. In a month he will get boosters, rabies, neutered and microchipped. Who needs riches when you have a sleeping kitty purring on your shoulder.

This morning Jared came and told us he was so happy. We aked him why. His reply "There is one less kitty crying this morning".

HUGS all
Kim and the new and expanded crew
Daryl, Jared, Lindsay
Java, Grimjack, Shenanigans and now Nemesis!!


Maggie's Farm said...

That is one lucky kitty!!!

andrea said...

I do believe in fate
and I'm so delighted nemisis found you (and I love the name)
have a great weekend!