Monday, February 02, 2009

Natural Fibre of the Month -Yak!

I promise there will be angora in the future -too cold to harvest off the bunnies right now :)

Anyways fibre of the month will be Yak -why? Because I think they are the some of the neatest creatures out there. Here's some information about them :)

Yaks produce two types of hair. The outer coarse guard hair is good for braiding into ropes and halters or weaving into rugs, belts, and bags. The soft underhair is called "down" and has a diameter of 14-16 microns, comparable to cashmere. For maximum softness, it must be "dehaired" to remove any guard hair. It's very short staple make it a challenge to spin in pure form and it is often blended with fibers with a longer staple such as wool or silk. Yaks living in cold weather will put on a heavy coat and produce one to two pounds of fiber annually.

We here at Cornerstone Fibres offer two colours of Yak fibre for your spinning pleasure -cream and brown.

Brown(charcoal) normally $17 for 2 ounces is on sale for $13
Cream (vanilla) noramlly $21 for 2 ounces is on sale for $15


andrea said...

do you live with yaks?
A friend is trying to convince me I need yaks in my life - I'm not sure about that ;)

Cornerstone Fibres said...

No no yaks I live in town so only have the rabbits. A frined of mine in Ottawa did have a pair for a while -they were very sweet and easygoing.