Tuesday, February 03, 2009

In defence of Steels -Angoras that is

On many lists you will see other breeders trash steel angoras -they donèt want them in their lines, they say they cause white spotting and toenails (false), they donèt have the coat density (false) or they just plain donèt like the colour. To me it is one of the most AWESOME colours to spin. They come in silver of gold tipped. My absolute favorite is a black golden tipped steel. I have had steels for three generations now starting with the aquisition of Sommerhills Calypso and now currenty with RMs Karma -registered black golden steel. How can anybody not think THIS is gorgeous!
Mind you she has a wicked temper -the blood in the picture is mine LOL.


angoraspinner said...

She is gorgeous! I am with you Steel is one of the prettiest colors in Angora. I think there should be more.

jere said...

I've never seen a steel before! What a beautiful color. Thanks so much for posting!