Monday, February 09, 2009

Fibre, Fibre everywhere!!!

Went out to the barn this afternoon and came home with a garbage bag full of angora and 10 bare buns happily munching in their hay stuffed cages. 14 more to go but I ran out of time and energy. Here's one of the still to be done bunnies RM's Bucky Boy -chocolate who will be looking for a wooler home. Bucky will not live up to his name -he's rather snuggle with a person than with a doe. Put him in with one and he backs into the corner with a look of panic on his face. He IS a boy or at least he has all the necessary parts LOL. Anybody want a new fibre friend??
And then there is the view in the bathroom -Jared and Lindsay dyed 5lbs of corriedale on the weekend -here it is drying. It smells fantastic in there as its all Koolaid dyed.
Add to that the deliveries that keep piling up and the fibre is definetely restocking for spring.
Plus best of all my book order arrived today -Three Bags Full was in it so I'm off to read the sheep mystery :)
HUGs all


andrea said...

He is BEAUTIFUL ... just beautiful ...

thanks for posting his picture so I can covet him some ;)



Maggie's Farm said...

Save some of that angora for trading, especially the long stuff! Love it, love it, love it!