Thursday, February 12, 2009

Keep the Fleece :) Pass the message on

Well okay since you insist to celebrate the International Year of Natural Fibre I bought a raw fleece. A Badgerface to be exact -oh its yummy long silky and crimp galore on natural greys and creams :)

Check out the website at . What a creative bunch these people are on the steering committee. They have set up a design competition with categories such as "Camelot" using fibre from camel, llama, alpaca, etc. Another category is "Inch by Inch" for designers using pure silk. Isn't that fun?

Wheeee off to spin!! Pictures of the fleece forthcoming -as soon as I'm done fondling it!

They are also aiming to create the world's longest scarf (which will later be divided into sensible lengths and donated charity.) The altruistic aim of the scarf exercise is to find knitter/sponsors who will contribute $1/row to participate in its growth. The funds will then go to Heifer International which supports the raising of flocks in developing countries.


Maggie's Farm said...

Sounds cool, but a badgerface what? Goat? Sheep?

Cornerstone Fibres said...

Sheep -apparently there are a British breed. I wanted a Gotland or Perendale but they were spoken for before I heard about them.