Friday, February 20, 2009

Here's Loki !!!

I've decided to try to take pictures of all the angoras as they arrive :) Here's one of the two newest arrvials LOKI! Loki is a just turned senior satin angora in the rather stunning and very rare shade of Pearl. I have to figure out what variety yet -there is black, blue, chocolate, lilac and sable pearl that are showable. I'm leaning towards sable or black pearl right now. He's going to be a busy boy come spring when I introduce him to my girls ;) He arrived with Truffles a chocolate satin angora who said "no pictures please" so she'll get done later when the camera recharges. I'm trying very hard to prove there are other colours than "white, black, fawn and tort" in angoras LOL.
His coat is the colour of vanilla cream when it comes off -delicious!


jere said...

Congrats on Loki! I just love the pearl color, it's just gorgeous, and I haven't seen it before, so thanks for posting it. I'm looking forward to seeing the others!

Amanda said...

What a gorgeous color!! Oh how I miss having bunnies! Sweetheart is doing very well, but I think with the new baby coming, I'm going to find her a new fiber home...I have about 5-6 ounces of her fiber saved and I want to find a very special pattern to spin it for!