Friday, February 20, 2009

More bunny pics -more odd colours :)

Here's some more rabbit pictures.
First up is RM's Percival a stunning chocolate chinchilla German hybrid who now lives with my dear friend Julianna. Percy's mom was named Perfect and she pretty mcuh was -100% German -density and body to cry over. His dad was Smiths' Lancelot a black chinchilla from Vermont. I want to work on getting mroe satin angoras in this colour -I would LOVE to spin it!!

Then we have Fuzzies Timelss Manner and RM's Friday the 13th. Time is a smoke pearl and Friday is a sable. You can see the differnece in the shading. Both of these guys are 100% French Angora.

I love the different colours :) More to come. I really need to get taking more pictures of the rabbits. The problem is the camera cannot capture truly the beauty of the shading.

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