Monday, December 01, 2008

Happy Birthday to the Greatest love of my life!

Today is my darling hubby's b-day. My best friend, love, rock and more turns 36. He's such a baby compared to me (laugh) I sometimes refer to him as my boy-toy :)
He's the man I always dreamed of but never thought I'd find. He just had to convince me of it that was all. We've been married 13 wonderful years. I pray for many more years together on this path we call life. Here he is with the kids indulging in one of his favorite hobbies paintball. Hey how many husbands and wives have dreamed of shoot each other in the butt :)
Love you darling today and always.


Maggie's Farm said...

A big happy birthday hug for your honey from me!

Maggie's Farm said...

Okay, Kimmie, we know you have a cute husband!! It's time for another post!