Monday, December 29, 2008

Everybunny in the Barn Hat

Yeah pictures!!!! And here to model both my new picture ability and to highlight our new "Everybunny in the barn" hat is Brianne -my willing sidekick and resident model. These hats contain random fibre from the rabbits gathered over the year. So far we have sold three of them :) I also did items with a picture of the bunny who provided the fibre for an item. People love the personal touch and to know about "their" bunny. But sometimes when we're cleaning brushing there is just a little bit so into the storage bag it goes until there is enough for me to spin.
I love the idea of using up every scrap of angora that comes off the rabbits. With the price of grain its a necessity. $20 a bag this morning -OUCH!!
HUGS all~~

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