Thursday, December 11, 2008

My computer hates me

I have decided my computer has been taken over by evil monkies. I cannot do any word processing, open any instant messenger or download any picture from my camera. I have virus scanned twice and nothing comes up. think it is just dying a slow death. Maybe Santa will fix my computer for Christmas???
In the meantime things are moving along here. I finished my hats and scarves and delivered them last night to the guild meeting. I'm now going to start spinning some fibre again and work on a new design I have in mind using another bag of Maggies Farm Mother Earth fibre grab bag :) Hope it turns out as well as the first one.
Kids are counting down the days till Christmas and Jared is eagerly awaiting the arrival of a girlfriend for Sparky our rescue Argente De'Brun. Yes Sparky is staying -and we've tracked down a girlfriend for him from the original breeder. He's thrilled Jared saved Sparky from his fate.
Its bitterly cold here -14 this morning so of course this means I have baby bunnies due!! I'm hoping for a white Christmas -love the snow but could do without the bitter winds that accompany it. Somebody (aka Java sucky baby of the universe) now has to have a sweatshirt to go out in -its too cold for her otherwise or so I have been informed!
HUGS to all!!! Can't add any pictures till the computer gets better.

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Maggie's Farm said...

What???????? A New York State farm dog, born and raised in an unheated shed, unable to go out in the snow without a sweatshirt on? The shame of it all!! How can she hold up tail up? Guess all the spoiling in the Parkinson household made her one powder-puff doggie!