Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Goodbye 2008 -Hello 2009

So here we stand at the cusp of another year. We're still here thank you lord. Still together and still a family. We have added new chairs at the family table and watched as others were pushed in to sit empty. Life has changed and shaped us all differently. Daryl continues to work as an auto technician -the love of his lifes work, he has suffered with health concerns and come back swinging. He is still a devoted father and husband and loves coaching Jared's baseball team.
I still obcesses over fibre and bunnies, two passions that will never die -and I thank god daily for a understnading husband who allows me my hobbies. I watch my children grow daily and change to become two very unique and different people. Jared is thriving in his new school enviornment and Lindsay is well Lindsay a true Diva in all worrds and actions.
We thank you all for your friendship and support this year and hope to continue along this twisted path we call life. You all help make our daily lives brighter.
So as we open the door to allow the old year to slip out into the universe and the new year with all its bright promise to sneak in -we offer you this blessings and bright days to you all. And if the rain and darkness comes know that we are only a thought away.

HUGS all!

We're still striving for the sky
No taste for humble pie
Thanks for all your generous love
And thanks for all the fun

There's no hurry anymore
When all is said and done


Maggie's Farm said...

God Bless You and Yours, Kim! You write so beautifully tears come to my eyes! Hope to see you soon. I told Hannah and Luke that they will be playing with Jared and Lindsay on the farm this summer! Wish you could come to Maryland and work the booth with me! I'll pay your expenses and you'd love the Strawberry Inn! Think about it!

Cornerstone Fibres said...

When is Maryland???? Oh you evil temptress you (laugh)