Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Two more sleeps til fabulous fibre overload

Oh yes it is coming Rhinebeck -that beautiful heavenly (kid free) fibre overload. Items are piling up to take down, bunny list is made and checked over -I swear if this youth breeder does not pick up her lionheads I will take them down there and sell them cheap!!! They've been here since last Sunday and I have to say the novelty of them soon wears off. They produce no usable fibre, eat and poop like rabbits 6 x thier size and have no real personalities.
Anyway back to fun stuff -fibr eawaits me -glorious colours and softness -squishy and soon to be mine. Yep Satan is shwoing her horns but this time the temptation is all hers LOL

HUGs all


Jody said...

Have fun....I wish I was going!!!!

andrea said...

it sounds great - have a blast and if you haven't heard from lion head youth go ahead and export her bunnies :)