Monday, October 19, 2009

Back from Rhinebeck

We're back home. Safe and sound -rolled in a midnight this morning.
Have to find the camera and unpack. Bunnies all got off safely to new owners and new bunnies came back to be delivered.
Lionheads FINALLY got picked up Thursday night -girl and her mom came at 9:15pm (was suppose to be 7:30) -she was very quick to take them and leave with barely a thank you. Oh well glad they are gone after two weeks here. They simply do not appeal to me - I like big bunnies with LOTS of fibre. Brought back two that could happily stay here a stunning black doe and an amazing chestnut buck with the crimpest fibre I have ever seen! Will get pictures posted later.

Of course the BEST fibre to be found at Rhinebeck was at Maggie's Farm -such wonderful colours and the feel I just want to make a bed of it and lay there -but then I'd spin it out from underneath me LOL

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Maggie's Farm said...

Thanks to you and Darryl for all your help, Kimmie. You ARE the best. I'm so lucky to have dear friends like you two. Miss you!