Saturday, October 24, 2009

Lindsay and her great big bag of everything

Lindsay is spoiled beyond belief :) She even has her own stunning Bundaflicka bag which goes EVERYWHERE with her. Unfortunalty we have to frisk her to make sure the cat is not in the bag LOL. She loves toting Nemesis around in it and silly kitty that he is he lets her. Here she is posing with it after Neme escaped. She also uses it to haul clothing up and down stairs, book to the library and even her toys. Hey what can I say my daughter knows quality workmanship! "Thank you Maggie for this beautiful bag" Lindsay says -she wants you know she can get everything she needs to come down to visit your farm in the bag ;)

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Maggie's Farm said...

Please tell Lindsay that's exactly why I sent her the bag - so she will come and visit me on the farm!! It looks so cute on her. The fact that she is growing like a weed helps a big-girl bag look just right!