Thursday, October 22, 2009

Goodbye Greyman

Well its over. Grimjack left us peacefully at the vets held by the bravest little 11 year old boy telling him it was okay to go and Scamper was waiting for him on the other side. You can't see the tears but they are pouring down like the rain. Jared told me it was okay that the angels had sent Neme so Shenaigans wouldn't be lonely here. He also built with his dad a lovely little box to bury him in with Grimjacks name and the date painted on top.
This is the part of life that sucks -saying goodbye to an old friend.
Grimjack you entered our lives so long ago
You made our house blessed
Go into the light and we'll see you on the other side some day

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Maggie's Farm said...

Poor little kitty! Now he won't be in pain anymore. He's so lucky to have gone over to the other side with such love helping him along. Hugs to you all.