Monday, July 20, 2009

See how we grow :)

More cute bunny pictures -some will be for sale LOL.
Of the french angoras there are two pointed white bucks and the blue doe up for sale. The light chocolate tort and the opal are staying here MINE -RM's Isabella and RM's Phineas. These guys are from RM's Hollyhocks (registered black) x Fuzzies BCB (regsitered blue pointed white).

In the satin angoras there is a lilac buck and a tort doe for sale from Willabond's Truffles (chocolate) x Prospect Rabbitry's Prince Val (registered lynx) and 2 REWS (buck and doe), chinchilla doe and black buck from Spanish Oak's Igloo (registered REW) X PineGlen's Goblin (registered chinchilla).

Then there is Peggy's babies -I'm grudgingly allowed to touch them LOL. Prospect Rabbitry's Mr Muskrat -American Sable and Prospect Rabbitry's Romeo -American Chinchilla -both were destined to be food but they got a stay of execution -Romeo even won Best Opposite Sex at 6 months old for his first Grand Championship Leg from ARBA.

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Maggie's Farm said...

Oh, Kim, they are so cute. Luke would be overwhelmed. As it is he has to be content with baby chicks and kittens. Poor boy!