Thursday, July 09, 2009

Bunnies growing up -more cute pictures ahead

So here's some of the up and coming bunnies ar Rocky Meaodw Rabbits :) Can you see the grim from here -I'm soo happy with these guys -body, fibre and colour all in one.

The first two are an Opal buck and Blue Tort doe from my French lines -full siblings and both are staying here at the moment. Next is Igloos's litter including some stunning blacks and chinchillas. Last pticture is our junior Americna Chinchilla Doe Sparkle who will also be hitting the show tables this fall.

On another happy note we found a 4-H home for Oreo and Soren that I had posted about earlier. Oreo is going to stay with a foster daughter of the 4-H leader -Poor girl is 7 and this is the first "real" home she's ever had. They had asked her if she wanted a rabbit and she said "yes a black and white one". When we brought Oreo out she sat with her in her lap and whispered "is she really mine" -her smile was worth everything to bring her that rabbit -talk about a happy ending and the right rabbit for the right home. Soren is going to stay with the 4-H leader as a showmanship and breed id rabbit -he has two faults (I'm not telling you which ones LOL -he has an off coloured toenail and a small pimple on the side of his penis) but the kids will have to really look to see them.
Great for them to see what to look for -the 4-H crew here has really worked hard to upgrade their program and it shows.

Happy Days here at Rocky Meadow Rabbits -my cup runneth over with happiness!!

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