Friday, July 17, 2009

A quiet day of rmemories

Yesterday marked the 11th anniversary of my Beppe's passing. I know she waits on the other side for me -and watches out for me daily but I still miss her dearyl. She was my confidant and friend, my mentor and guidance councellor in this crazy thing called life.
In my garden blooms the stargazer lily that sat in the church at her funeral. We didn't leave them at the grave -we each brought one home and planted it as a living memorial. We leave no flowers on her grave -we gave them to her when she was alive. But here I'll post one in memory of her. I see her in so many things thorughout my life -so many happy memories to keep me remembering her and the wealth she left me :)

HUGS all

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Maggie's Farm said...

Oh, Kimmie, I wish I could be there to spin with you on this special day.