Saturday, February 02, 2008

A fox in the yard :)

Today as we were cleaning up after the lastest dumping of snow we came out to a really neat sight. A young fox hunting mice in our front yard - as long as he stays out of the rabbit shed he is more than welcome here! And as long as Java(chief patroller and protector of all) doesn't see it. She's become VERY protective of all that is hers.
We were enjoying the bright sunshine after all the darkness lately -Daryl is off work till further notice -his thyroid condition has been acting severely out of whack and between the meds and the doctors appointments it has been too much for him We have an appointment on Friday with the doctor to discuss options -Daryl thinks he'd like to go back to school and train for something less physical but for now its probably disability for him and back to work for me :) Prayers are more than welcome.
Jared came home from school and has been showing us all Yoga that he's taking at recess on Thursdays - breathing exercises are especially good -everybody take a deep breath and smile (ahhhhhh)


Maggie's Farm said...

Aren't foxes the neatest animals? I'll never forget the first time I saw one run across the road in front of my car. Later on when I moved farther out I saw them more often. Unfortunately, I saw less of them and more of what they do to my chickens! I still love them, and all wild things. Love to Darryl - my Mia took synthroid for years and is still checked regularly. Her thyroid has been gigantic since she was a little girl. Hope the meds work. Get Jared to teach yoga to the whole family!

Jan said...

Prayers coming your way!