Friday, February 08, 2008

Darn Camera malfunction

Well after a meeting today for Daryl and the diability board (he was accepted thank the lord) we headed out to the barn where the rabbits live for a break. I got to see the 8 new satin angoras that are just two weeks old and oh my gosh sooo beautiful. There are three broken reds, two broken torts and 5 different shades of tort in the solids-the rufus modifers are all over the place on these guys. Love it!
I took pictures but it was too cold and the camera batteries didn't hold out. Darn it -the broken torts are AMAZING!!!
We headed out for a "date" as both the kids were in school and had a good old time at the A&W. We talked about the future -Daryl is going to re-train as a machinist -he's so good with tools and loves to build. The good thing is he won't have to work over his head as he does now which is one of the biggest hardships for him. He qualifies as a 2nd year apprentice as a machinist so fingers crossed will be back on the job after a few months off to rest. In the meantime we'll be living on love -unless I get a call back from the job I applied for (garden centre/hydroponic growers) are looking for an office staff personel - they grow year-round organic vegetables and I think it would be awesome to work there :)
Best thing is my baby is feeling better already -his condition is not fun to deal with and stress makes it even worse. He has Myasthenia gravis which can be treated but not easily. He requires twice a month IV treatment at the hospital as well as a range of pills daily. Not fun for a man who is always active.
But we're moving forward not looking back -life is too precious to waste a second.
HUGS to all

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Maggie's Farm said...

Oh, NO, Kim!! I'm so sorry to hear about Darryl's condition. I confess I had to Google it. Sounds just awful...but I'm glad there is some treatment for it. He's very fortunate to have a powerhouse, talented wife like you to hold it all together. Hope you all can come for a vacation on the farm this summer!