Wednesday, February 20, 2008

A lasting tribute of LOVE and fiber

Well its finished and its beautiful. I figured after almost 16 years of picking long black dog hair out of everything I'd never want to see any dog fur again that scamper is gone I realized what a treasure her fur was. Here is here last underwool (combed out the day she passed) in the centre of my new beret. Surrounded by underwool I gathered from her younger days and finished off with copper satin angora. I treasured her and now I have this lasting gift I'll wear for years to come -and its perfect for these darn COLD Canadian days!

I loved the pattern so much we made two angora berets as well -and the first customer who came in the door today bought BOTH!!! She says her nieces will love having their own BUNNY hats!

A good day!

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Maggie's Farm said...

The hat is gorgeous! Is it crocheted or knitted? No post in so long...what's going on? Everybody okay???