Sunday, January 27, 2008

The Good and Bad of raising bunnies

Well this week once again showed us the good and bad of having rabbits to raise and show:
The good was harvesting over 100 ounces of angora and the safe arrival of 8 beautiful healthy satin angoras ending a drought of new bunnies in the barn.
The bad was after going out to check on Jared's rhinelander doe she had her babies (4) and promptly left them to die - she didn't clean them up and pulled little fluff. Jared was disapointed but took it in stride. He wants to raise his own rabbit from a baby to show so we'll try again and hopefully he'll get to take one to the fall shows. He LOVES the rhinleanders but they are so hard to find -we have a pair after two years of searching!! They are on the top 10 rare breeds -leave it to my kid to want something different (grin)
Here's a picture of a really nice rhinelander! Now if only I could get one that looks like this for Jared -he's kick butt! They have some of the nicest personalities too -a major plus for a kids rabbit -now if only they had spinable wool :)

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Maggie's Farm said...

Yep, those are great looking bunnies. What was I just saying about the agony and ecstacy of raising critters??? Poor little Jared - tough life lessons at such a young age! By the way, what do you charge for angora when you sell it - and, will you sell your needles at my booth this October??? I've been wanting to get needles in the booth for a long time!