Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Today I'm just pissed off.

Sorry if that word bothers somebody but I'm bummed. Yesterday a neighbours dog who has been warned twice not to let their dog run loose got loose AGAIN and made its way into my rabbit barn at Peggy's. This dog then procced to shake the living heck out of a bottom cage rack frightening 6 promising young show angoras to death. Peggy fortunately was able to corral the dog and called animal control. We have filed a report and the officer tells us the owner will be responsible for full replacement cost of the rabbits. My problem is how do you fairly assess what the rabbits are worth. I know what I charge to sell them but still.

My solution so far is it get three letters from other satin and french angora breeders with a quote as to what they would charge me for a show grade junior from registered parents. So far the range is $75 to $150. We took pictures of all the damage in the barn and the rabbits. We also took pictures of the dog in question.
Animal control has the dog right now until things are solved.

Hopefully it can all be resolved quickly. I love dogs BUT I know they need to be contained and taught not to hurt other critters. I know full well I cannot trust Java near any small critter loose and I respect and control that. These people need to learn that thier dog cannot be allowed to run loose. hopefully it can all be resolved peacefully.

HUGS all


andrea said...

P*&&^d isn't close to how angry and upset you must be - I think the word shows great restraint ..

GAH.. I'm with you on this really being a people issue - not a dog issue (one of my dogs is a jerk around some rabbits - so guess what? if the bunnies are around him he's on leash .. or the bunnies are in dog proof space - period ..

hang in there ((hugs))

Tammy W. said...

Oh Kim - that's so awful. I would be so angry. Make sure the owner is made fully responsible for the replacement cost of the rabbits - and full sale price at that. Some of these owners only understand when it hits them in the pocketbook.

Maggie's Farm said...

Oh, Kim, how awful!!! So sorry this happened. And how dreadful to deal with the aftermath. BIG HUGS to you!!

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