Monday, August 03, 2009

Busy enjoying what little bit of summer there is :)

Sorry for the lack of posting -on the few non -rainy days we have been busy here -baseball games. mowing the lawn (if the neighbours wouldn't bitch I'd have a sheep or two to do the job for me) and enjoying time with Daryl and the kids. Last weekend we went to the Sterling Ren Festival. always fun -we LOVE the Mud show -where else can you see classics performed in the mud, as well as fabulous food and really cool stuff to look at (too expensive to buy). They also run a human chess game and full contact jousting. Awesome!

This weekend coming I'll be at the Kingston Sheep Dog Trials -its amazing to watch these fabulous dogs in action.

Bunnies are all growing like bad weeds -amgoing to have some fabulous juniors to show by fall and will have a few for sale as well.



Tammy W. said...

Kim - you were in Sterling Mi?!
That's about an hour away from me.
Too bad - we could have got together.
Next time.

Cornerstone Fibres said...

No Sterling Ren Faire in Oswego NY -very nice place :)