Monday, August 29, 2011

Older Louet- S-10 Spinning wheel for sale

Rest assured this is NOT my wheel LOL I will never part with my beloved Louet.
This is a trade in wheel from an older customer of mine. It is an older Louet s-10 manufactured early 80's under license by Louet by another Ontario company now that is now gone.  The bobbins are very nice -barely used. I replaced the footman connector so it's good to go.

Asking $275 can deliver to Fingerlakes Fiber Festival in  September or Rhinebeck NY in October.


Maggie's Farm said...

Kimmie, you should bring it to the booth. I'm sure it will sell.

Christina Mecham said...

Will you ship to BC Canada? I am in need of a wheel. email me at