Thursday, September 08, 2011

New from the critters

It Nemesis here with breaking news -yesterday the big yellow thing came and swallowed our children up only to return them later -we don't know how long they were gone for as we don't tell time.
All I know is I had the bed all to myself and that's all that matters.  His lord and majesty Shenanigans was completely unfazed by the whole thing and lounged around on his spots all day.

"I could care less as they neither feed me nor pay proper attention to me" Shenanigans was heard to comment. My staff was in attendance all day!
Poor Java was tramatized by the whole affair "It happened again!! That terrible yellow thing swallowed up my children even though I barked at it very ferociously!!"  She made a full recovery when they returned but will again be upset as they leave tomorrow.

Dutch decided that he needed to dig a hole and hide before it tried to take him so the couch seemed like a good place to blend into.  Good thing it already had a rip in it!

And the kids finally came back safe and sound! So all is well -oh no wait it's back again!!!! AUGH!!!!!!! Mommy make it stop!

Here's our missing kids pictures -if you see them tell them to come home we all miss them!. Even Sheanigans though he will never admit it.
Bye all Nemesis, Java, Dutch and his old gumpypants!
Uh oh he heard me RUN!!!!!!!!!

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