Saturday, June 25, 2011

A wounded arrival at the house

. We had a pigeon slam into the building where I work and so we caught him and put him in a box to take to the local animal shelter.  Well they wouldn't take him so back home he came with me.Next I called the local wildlife rescue but they said they are too full to take a pigeon. He's currently in a modified rabbit cage and is very happy to sit and peck at the seed we got for him.  His one wing is smashed badly and I don't think he'll ever fly again so he'll either stay here or if I can find a better place for him to live we will.
He's actually very calm so I wonder if he is somebody's racing pigeon but he has no band on his leg.
Kids have named him "Crash" LOL

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Henya said...

What a lucky ending (or beginning) for this pigeon!