Friday, June 03, 2011

Commanding respect

Shenanigans our old 16 year old cat demands respect from all the underlings in the house.  He will not be chased by any dog and all other critters must bow to his majesty.  Dutch LOVES to chase our other cat and Java around the house but he will not chase Shenanigans after he was told by the orange lord and master that that was very unacceptable.

He lays where he wants and with whom he wants. He has his own basket by the front door which is covered with one of my old winter coats -very snuggly and warm.  He has decided that Dutch is allowed to share it with him.  They looks so cute together.  However the love does not extend to the food dish -the canned cat food is ONLY for his royal highness and his staff must feed him twice a day or listen to the VERY LOUD litany of complaints!
But I adore my old boy and want him to stay with us as long as possible -I think he looks pretty darn good for his age and the vet still gets out the welding gloves to handle him!


FoFo said...

He's a beautiufl kitty. Mine is so like that. I have a medium haired orange marmalade(sp). He comes only when he decides he wants to. If you don't get up to feed him when he thinks it's time he will slap his servants in the face with his paw to wake them up-not kidding here. That's only after walking on their bodies and heads don't get them up. He waits until poor Winston, the dog, goes to sleep and will pounce on his head for good measure. He's rotten as can be but we love him anyway.

FoFo said...

LOL Too funny. We have one named Samson and he thinks he's king and we are all his servants. When he wants fed if his servants don't wake up when he walks on their heads or bodies, he will smack them in the face with his paws-really, not kidding. He only comes when he wants to and never when you use his name. He's rotten but we love him! Cute story!

Maggie's Farm said...

What a delightful pair. That sure is one cute little doggie.

Henya said...

Hey, he is 16, he earned it! They are very cute together.