Tuesday, June 07, 2011

Baabaa white sheep have you any wool

Daryl my wonderful hubby mentioned that he saw free wool fleeces on Kiijii (our local classified site). whats this Free?? Wool?? I mean helloooooo fibre addict. So off we went to the local farm that offered it. The gentleman says oh yes we have registered border leicester sheep. Oh my lord somebody stop me. 3 HUGE garbage bags later dropped off to Cheryl -my sister in law and fledgling wool mill operator. She's got some of it done for me to drool over on the screen.  Here's the sad thing he told me if somebody didn't take the fleece he would bury it with the rest out in the manure pile -he couldn't be bothered with the wool mill. He now has my card on file and will call me to let me know when he shears again! 

YUMMY!!!!    My fibre stash has increased multifold and the fleece was way too nice to be thrown away!

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