Tuesday, December 07, 2010

Winter is here .....

Had a WONDERFUL weekend with Maggie at the Plowshare show in Syracuse. We had so much fun seeing all the other wonderful vendors, eating some fantastic food (expecially baklava) and shopping at Barnes and Noble (bookstores are like the best places on earth).  Drove home through some wild winter weather just to remind me of the season -slippery and slidey - best route is to get behind a snowplow and follow it all the way back to Watertown LOL  I am so grateful for friends like Maggie who let me be a part of all these adventures. I'm so gratified when people purchase my handspun and knit hats, scarves and even a shawl!  It makes me feel special that people enjoy and appreciate what I create.
Just found out that another dear friend of mine Henya and her chicks will be making the pilgramage to settle in Israel -how exciting for them and I hope to see LOTS of pictures etc as it all comes to pass.   I will miss seeing her at the fibre events though.
Of course since it is cold its time for the baby bunnies to start popping again. Due this weekend is two litters of Argent De"Bruns and two litters of American Chinchillas -good thing their moms know how to build monumental nests!
Kids are busy writing speeches for school before the 2 weeks of Holidays that await them. Better start stocking up on food now ;)

HUGS all
Life is so wonderful -thank you for being a part of the adventure on this road!

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Henya said...

Thank You Kim. Actually, me, being me, I am already trying to figure out how I can continue my "once a year trip to Maryland" tradition.