Thursday, December 30, 2010

No excuses for not posting

Really there isn't. We aren't battling snow and the elements like others. There are no emergencies other than the demands from two bottomless pits to be fed on demand. On the other hand there has been nothing exciting here to report. Bunnies are bred and awaiting spring litters, kids are on holidays and besides eating, sleeping and making craft stuff have been the big time occupiers. We had hoped to go skiing or sledding over the holidays but nope.
HUGS to all
in pretty much boring suburbia Ontario not even the great white north! Heres the view from my front porch to prove it all - I was wearing a sweater and my crocs no need for coat or boots up here.

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Maggie's Farm said...

Tee shirt weather here too. Hillside is showing green - so weird after the awful wind and snow we've had. I got acclimatized to single digits now it's spring time. Won't last long though. Got milk room steps hosed off and washed some feed pans. Sheep and goats are good - they don't seem to mind the nice weather.