Monday, November 08, 2010

Upcoming event

Annual Show and Sale at the Portsmouth Town Hall in Kingston Ontario Canada. Friday 2-6pm, Saturday 10-4pm and Sunday 10-4pm. Loads of handwoven items, knitted one of a kinds as well as handspun yarn including some by yours truly :) That is if there is any left over after the hat requests are filled. Got Jared's natural black/grey shetland hat done in a watchcap style. Lindsay's is yellow ramboulliet with linen and golden silk and two thirds of the way done. Brianne will be sporting choclate brown alpaca with pink/purple mohair with some electric pink mohair thrown in for the "pinkness" of it all. her hat was so small it was done in a day!
When Lindsay's hat is done I'm going to start an earflap cap -I think I have one figured out and there is some stunning dyed rambouliet from Jeffreys dye day here that is crying out to knit with it :) Pictures to follow. Of course poiled doggie is looking for a sweater or a blanket of her very own - as if she needs one as she sleeps with her adoring children at night -under the covers of course -she has it so rough.

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Henya said...

If you have any angora yarn left over I would love to buy some.