Saturday, November 27, 2010

Back from Maggies Farm

Kids and I are back from our adventure on Maggies Farm :) the kids have a new appreciation for how much work animals are LOL
They were good helpers though -feeding and watering everything, giving pep talks to the sheep and dogs and they LOVED gathering eggs although we not fond of the chickens themselves.
And of course we were scrutinized quite carefully -the sheep were like is she still here? Where's mom -especially Baby Thunder who kept looking in the window looking for Maggie!

My favorite moment was when I let the three white boys off thier leads for their nighttime run -there was Lindsay laying down the law- Thor sitting there looking noble and intent, Knut looking around as if to say "is she talking to us?" and Finn just bouncing with enthusiasim. These boys easily weigh 100lbs each and they didn't once knock Lindsay down! Such good boys! Lindsay wanted to bring them home with her.

HUGS all

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Henya said...

Truly a working vacation!