Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Making yarn

Been busy lately attending varous fibre and craft shows. It thrills me to no end when poeple purchase my handspun yarn :) We all like to hear compliments LOL.
Went to a show on Friday night and all day Saturday and sold three hats and two scarves -wheeeee!! Especially as I am not a fantastic knitter like some of the others that were there. Also sold quite a bit of felting fibres and supplies -thank goodness now the car insurance can be paid. Now to learn how to knit socks ........
Anybody want to show me how?
Well in the meantime I can keep busy spinning away of the gorgeous fibres sitting here. Just finished a batch of Maggies Farm fibres in stunning tawny golds and smokey blue greys. And an order for white angora for a customer. Its all drying outside in the sunshine. Its cold but sunny today.

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Maggie's Farm said...

I highly recommend the Basic Sock Pattern in Homespun and Handknit. I taught myself from that pattern and it works! Honest! The heel turning is a right of passage every knitter must face once in her lifetime! This book will get you through! I'll help all I can!