Monday, March 31, 2008

A year of Java

Well time sure does fly. It was a year ago we brought home a new family member "Java". She was the cutest little baby when she was born. She was rescued by Maggie at Maggies Farm along with her sister Tanner. The instant I saw her picture it was love at first sight. I begged and pleaded with Maggie to let me have her and Maggie graciously let me have her. We brought her home from the rabbit show at Fulton and she quickly found her true place as a Parkinson family member. Dog beds -nope not for Java -the couch is much nicer especially if an obliging little girl covers her up with a blanket. She may look like a suck but we have no doubts she would protect unto death her children and family. Unless of course its the vet with a shot for her -then its run behind mommy and shakes and wimpers LOL. So here it is the very first picture I saw of Java and experienced instant love and
heres a picture of her the day she came home and here she is today. notice a trend -she loves to sleep -prefereably with or on somebody.
We LOVE you Java - may we have many more years together.
Life is good and we are blessed.

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Maggie's Farm said...

Wow, that brindle coat is still as striking as it was when she was a baby! I am so grateful to you for taking her, Kim...even though she won't be dragging home guts and skulls like her sister Tanner, who is quite the wild girl. I hope you all live forever in health and happiness - the ultimate little family portrait!