Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Happy Birthday Princess Boopie

Well my babies are growing up way too fast -I've come to accept that -today Lindsay turns 6. What an opinionated little girl she is too don't know where she got that from. She screamed into the world at 4:04 am and has never looked back!
Lindsay birthday is always a happy/sad day for me. I was so thrilled when she arrived safe and sound. My roomate and I had joked the night before about there only being one bassinet in the room. We joked that the one who had the baby last would have to hold the baby all night to sleep. How we regret things later when something happens that makes us stop in our tracks. That morning as I came back to the room Jess came over and cooed over Lindsay and was waiting anxiously to go down to have her own firstborn to hold. That night they brought her back to to the room with the news that her little man had been born completely brain functionless due to doctor error during delivery. Nothing I could say as I watched them wheel her down to say goodbye to her baby - I was holding Lindsay and was struck by how fragile and beautiful life really is. And I wanted the floor to open up and swallow me whole as I looked at her face and read the dreaful loss there. I often think about that little angel up in heaven looking down on his parents with light and love. Happy Birthday Lindsay and Happy Birthday little James Robert. I may not always understand the plan that God has written out for us but I thank him every day for the path he has written for me. And thank his so much for this wonderful bright little girl who makes me laugh, cry and sometimes scream!
I love you baby girl!!


Kagahn said...

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Maggie's Farm said...

Happy Birthday, Lindsay! I hope you bring Lindsay and Jared to the farm for a few days in July to play with Luke (6) and Hannah (9). Bon fires every night! Yay!