Monday, March 24, 2008

Our First Sheep (wink)

Well we finally can say we have sheep (laugh) an adopted one that is :) Maggie at Maggies Farm creator of the amazing Bundaflicka Bags is going to put some sheep up for "adoption" -

The Kids have named him "Whizzaroo" -he's a high percentage Blue faced Leicester -one of mommys favorites to spin. And best of all he got a reprive from the slaughter man for the second time. He's wethered so will produce amazing fleece.
So if you're like me and love fleece but can't have sheep -here's the solution -check it out! And is he not the most handsome little boy you have ever seen -can't you tell I'm in love! He has a look of mischief about him too.
Good luck with this Maggie - I hope all the kids get a good adoptive parent.


Maggie's Farm said...

I love you, Kim, but it's Maggie's Farm, not Bunaflicka Farms. I call my bags Bundaflicka Designs from Maggie's Farm. Haven't you seen those fancy labels inside your bags? Bundaflicka means farmgirl in Swedish. BTW, thanks for adopting little Whizzaroo...I will take extra special care of him so he will grow some nice wool for you!

Cornerstone Fibres said...

All fixed :) Your Bundaflicka bags are amazing~and Maggies Farm is a great place to be -especially if your a sheep!