Monday, May 26, 2014

Sunshine and Lollipops :)

Well not really but sunshine coloured wool and a second matching pink skein are done :)

200 yards of Maggie's Amazing mother fiber and mohair 2ply yarn.

And the second skein of mohair in pink -8 ounces 4oo yards in total.

And finally done off the Navy Surplus spindle from Bosworths is 4 ounces -300 yards of 2 ply merino /silk in a one of a kind colourway called "Fathom". I love spinning on my spindle but it does take a LOT longer to get a skein done then on my faithful wheel.

Next up some more of Maggie's amazing mother fiber in pink and orange :)  Life is so wonderfully good when my wheel and I are together.

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