Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Catching up

So lots has happened since last posting. The dyewizard himself Jared turned 16!! I know my baby can now learn how to drive. Did you just watch my hair go white??  Good thing hes such a great kid.  Lindsay is continuing her growing up into an incredibly opinionated young lady -more white hair!!
Also went to the THE Big show of Spring Maryland Sheep and Wool Festival.  I entered 4 skeins this year. Won 2 2nd places and a 3rd place and a Special Award for my one skein.
We were set up next to Miss Babs which is apparently a huge deal but you know what. It was pretty colours but its all commercial yarn from lord knows where. I think this is why I feel the need to keep spinning my own one of a kind yarns from real fibers from real farmers. 
Next stop on the fiber road trip is the Canadian Embroiderers show on Thursday night. We'll see what these ladies and gents think of handspun yarn!

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