Tuesday, February 05, 2013

Bogie Update

So today we had our one month follow up home visit with the shelter regarding Bogie.  The person who came could not believe the difference in him. At the shelter he was quiet and wanted nothing to do with people and tried to hide. He his majesty made his presence known laying on the couch with Neme,  coming over to meet and greet (hiss) at the shelter worker -I think he was frightened they were going to take him back and that was not happening.  She laughed at him as he hopped up on the counter for his morning milk break with me and then ran back to find his boy.  He made it very clear we are his forever home and she was happy to leave him here with us.  And she loved his new name -she agreed Albert was not a good name for this regal grey boy :)  So Bogie is now a Parkinson for good (like there was any doubt)

Bogie says "this is MY boy!! I will not share him with anyone do you understand dogs??"

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Jody said...

Wonderful story and so happy for Bogie :-)