Monday, November 16, 2009

I'm so gosh darn proud of myself

I know this is NOTHING to you awesome and talented knitters out there but this is me -two left hands when it comes ot knitting. I figured out how to knit in the round :)
I'm making a hat I'm so easy to make happy.
Somebody needs to find me something more constructive to do I think.


Trish said...

Well I would call knitting a hat constructive-and it looks great. Nice job!!! Congrats on getting knitting in the round.

Somerhill said...

What could be more constructive than learning something new, creating something useful, and making yourself happy; all at the same time!
Very pretty - what kind of yarn are you using?

Judy said...

I totally understand your excitement!!! I share that excitement with you. Your hat looks sure to find yourself a hat model. ;-) Keep going round and round.