Sunday, July 20, 2008

OHS Angora Discussion

This year the OHS master spinners program is in Belleville. One of their homework assignments is angora in all its glory. I was asked to come show off some rabbits and talk about their different fibres and structures. Of course I was thrilled and flattered -19 soon to be master spinners interested in my knowledge of spinning and rabbits. It felt good and of course the bunnies thrived under all the attention and petting. They were also facinated to see so many different colours of angora fibre -most ofthem had only every seen black white or fawn!! No at Rocky Meadow Rabbits -chinchillas, steels, brokens and more all here. Of course I do have some white and black ones too. But I love the variety of shades and tones that occur naturally in angoras.
Angora is so much fun to spin too - when i first started spinning I didn't want to waste "good" fibre so I used leftover angora -it took a while but now any fibre is easy to spin LOL.

Life is good as my friend Bill at Willow Garden shetlands always says. And it is.

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