Monday, May 26, 2008

Jared's new rabbits!!!!!

He's so excited he had to take the pictures himself -I pointed out he wouldn't be in the pictures but he was more excited to run the camera than to pose for it. Fortunately the Diva was more than willing :)
Here's Jareds two newest bunny friends brought back to us by a fellow Rhinelander breeder here in Ontario from Top Note Calico Rabbitry in Michigan. Thank you to all who made Jared's rabbit dreams come true!

Intress is the doe and she's bred to an unrelated buck for a June 15th litter. She's very social and outgoing and has discovered that 10 year olds = treats and head pats. She's the one preening for the camera too -she knows she's beautiful!
Medeenu is the buck and he's a real little spitfire! The names are from Jared's favorite TV show of right now CHAOTIC. Which is why his rabbitry name is CHAOTIC Rabbitry. Hmmm I thought it was in reference to me LOL.

Anyways these beautiful Rhinelanders are an amazing breed. Want to know more ask Jared -he'd be happy to tell you all about them!

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Cornerstone Fibres said...

Just a quick update Intress gave birth to 4 beautiful and sassy kits on the 17th -she's a fantastic mom -made a large nest and pulled loads of fluff! Babies are fat and healthy -now pray for proper markings!!