Monday, May 26, 2008

New Goodies -part two

Well i'm still going -boxes and orders are coming in fast and furious -spring is so much fun to get all the new items and rabbits coming in :)

Here's the next load of goodies:

Custom dyed ready to knit and felt tote bags - in a wide range of colours! Kit contains everything to make a bag -fibre, pattern and needles. Really fun and easy to make. Retailing at $40 Beautifully modelled by the house diva Lindsay - notice the gap -yes my baby lost her two front teeth -sigh where did my little ones go.....
We're not even talking about her older brother who went to his first dance last week -he had 4 girls call him and ask him to be their date. Do you see all the grey hairs I'm dealing with?

Ready to dye sock kits from Louet - includes three 50 gram skiens of merino yarn, dyes, instructions and pattern! Colours available are Browns, Blues, Pinks, Greens and Blues. Retailing at $35 for a kit.

more still to come........

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