Thursday, June 28, 2007

New Babies!!!!!

Hurray!! At long last new babies in the barn :) So far the count is :

4 New Zealands -3 blues, 1 white to Laura our white NZ mama from NH by Blueberry our blue Diju Rabbitry Buck

8 - German Hybrids 94.75% from McMullan's Perfect -100% German -a stunning stunning girl! out of Smith's Sir Lancelot (chinchilla) 89.5% German -looks liek 2 chocolates and 6 whitesw -coats on these guys should be amazing as both mom and dad are incredibly dense and their body types are awesome~ one of the chocolates will be staying here for sure.

8 German Hybrids/crosses 87.5% from RM's Whimsey 100% German x RM's Emmerson (75% German -25% French broken black -my Xmas baby in pervious posts) 6 brokens and 2 whites -no definete colours yet -stay tuned!

Still due 2 litters of satin angoras -stay tuned for more details!!!!

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